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2004 Championship Steps

Nova Scotia Highland Dance Championships 2002

Nova Scotia Provincial

Highland Dance Championships 2002


Hosted by Pictou Highland Dance Association


9 & under representatives

1st representative - Jenna Rose MacIsaac, Pictou

2nd representative - Amanda Bolger, Port Hawkesbury

3rd representative - Jillian MacLeod, Antigonish

4th runner-up - Emily Smith, Port Hawkesbury

5th runner-up - Chelsea Haliburton, Antigonish

NOTE: As there were only 5 particpants, this group was not a championship event.


11 & under representatives

Champion - Kaitlyn Gerrior, Antigonish

1st- Robin Scott, Antigonish

2nd- Jannah MacIntyre, Pictou

3rd- Justine Landry, Pictou

4th- Carissa MacIsaac, Judique


 13 & under representatives

      Champion - Monique Legatto, Sydney Mines

1st- Emma Davis, Port Hawkesbury

2nd- Holly Arsenault, Antigonish

3rd- Kathleen Moran, Judique

4th- Sarah MacKenna, Antigonish


15 & under representatives

Champion - Alexandra McGrath, Baddeck

1st- Morganne Layton, Sydney Mines

2nd- Megan Robertson, Pictou

3rd- Cassie MacFarlane, Antigonish

4th- Becky Stalker, Kenzieville


17 & under representatives

Champion - Beth MacPherson, Antigonish

1st - Monica Cox, Halifax

2nd - Susan Boyd, Antigonish

3rd- Kathryn Caldwell, Dartmouth

4th- Amy MacDonald, Halifax


18 & over representatives

NOTE: There was a tie for High Aggregate in this group.

 1st - representative - Stephanie Grant, Antigonish and

1st - representative - Jessica MacKenna, Antigonish

3rd - representative - Stephanie Turnbull, Truro

4th- runner - up - Angela Marie MacDonald, Glace Bay

5th- runner - up - Ruth Thurston, Lower Sackville

 NOTE: As there were only 5 particpants, this group was not a championship event.



 The Champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up represented Nova Scotia at the Canadian Championships.To visit the Scotdance (Canadian Championships) site, click on the picture below.



Keep checking in for more results!